#BB10 REVEALED: And the nominations for this week are…

It’s contestants v/s wildcards this time.

Bigg Boss Season 10 seems to have picked up big time in terms of ratings this week, all thanks to the entry of the wildcard contestants. The wildcards namely – Jason Shah, Elena Kazan, Sahil Anand and Priyanka Jaga were introduced to spice up the show.

These wildcards entered the show last weekend and were already assigned to the nomination tasks. The task however, was a different one. The nominated housemates were to compete with the wildcards. And the wildcards were given the liberty to choose whom they wanted to compete with.

As we already saw Priyanka Jagga chose Bani J as her competition while Jason Shah chose Gaurav Chopra. Sahil Anand chose Rahul Dev to compete with and Elena Kazan chose Nitibha Kaul. Since Manveer was not chosen by anyone, in a shocking twist, he was declared safe.

The task required the pairs to stay in a dome for as long as they could. The catch here was that these domes were small enough for two people to fit in comfortably. It was a test of patience for the nominated contestants.
And… we have the list of winner and the final nominations.

The contestants who have been nominated this week are Rahul Dev, Jason Shah, Bani J and Elena Kazan. And this obviously means that the winners of the task are Sahil Anand, Gaurav Chopra, Priyanka Jagga and Nitibha Kaul.
Shocking isn’t it?

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